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>...Second that!  Many of my ancestors worked as coal miners from about
1830 onwards. That was before any power tools. Pick and shovel, kneeling in cramped tunnels. If the many dangers didn't kill you, the survivors got black lung disease that permanently disabled them.
Doing your family tree is an eye-opener to the terrible conditions in olden times.
(Or present day conditions in some undeveloped countries).



Hashtg Metoo BillK.  I did genealogy and found lotsa cool stuff.  My ancestors were doing coal mining well up into the 20th century.  One of them was doing pick and shovel mining when he was in a bad slate fall which he survived but it crippled him for life.  After a coupla years he was recovered enough to go back to work, but he was a mining equipment operator after that.

A grandfather grew up on a farm, so he knew the difference between mules and horses for plowing.  Mules don't have horse sense.  A horse is too hard to turn around at the end of a field, because it makes no sense: you just came from that direction.  

A mule doesn't have horse sense and consequently, is either too stupid to realize you just came from that direction or knows that obviously the ground must be broken by the bull-tongue plow, facilitating penetration of the roots of the future alfalfa crop, resulting in abundant life-sustaining hay.  No one really knows if the mule is thinking of nurturing future alfalfa or is too stupid to realize he has been turned thru pi radians.


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