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>> And after the missiles turn into the bowl of petunias and the sperm whale: "With horror, they suddenly realized that it was fresh whalemeat."
>> And when the alien battle fleet was, due to a terrible miscalculation of scale, accidentally swallowed by a small dog. (I still remember playing the Infocom text-based interactive game on my Apple IIe in the 1980s and cackling when one of my entries triggered the "It is of course well known that careless talk costs lives . . ." line.)
> Did you get the microscopic space fleet in a tiny clear plastic bag? And the peril-sensitive sunglasses that were bits of cardboard? Did you read through all of the footnotes?
> "oh no, not this again"
> dwayne
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Ha! Indeed, I did. I loved those little nuggets of nerdy goodness. I edit a lot of science reports with footnotes, and occasionally an author will slip in a joke about how nobody ever reads them. That always reminds me of sitting there and typing "footnote 1", "footnote 2", and so on, at the prompt one day when I couldn't figure out how to get the damned babel fish to go where I wanted it to. And seeing "Isn't it fun reading through all the footnotes?" made my day.

Dwayne, my hat goes off to you, sir.

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