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On Tue, 7 Sept 2021 at 01:53, Gabe Waggoner <lostmyelectron at protonmail.com>

> Ha! Indeed, I did. I loved those little nuggets of nerdy goodness. I edit
> a lot of science reports with footnotes, and occasionally an author will
> slip in a joke about how nobody ever reads them.

Yeah, I love that sort of thing.  You feel an instant connection.

> That always reminds me of sitting there and typing "footnote 1", "footnote
> 2", and so on, at the prompt one day when I couldn't figure out how to get
> the damned babel fish to go where I wanted it to. And seeing "Isn't it fun
> reading through all the footnotes?" made my day.

I did something, I forgot what, and it said footnote 1, so I typed that.
Ahah. Then later, footnote 2, so I typed that. Then I thought, huh, I
wonder what the other footnotes do. Footnote 3, footnote 4, footnote 5, I'm
pretty sure footnote 6 was "isn't it fun reading through the footnotes?"  I
stopped, frozen, like I was raiding the fridge in the middle of the night
and someone just turned the kitchen light on (have done this to one of my
housemates). It was a classic you are BUSTED moment.  I loved it.

Very funny, very brilliant man. Terrible shame he died so young

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