[ExI] Google AI low-resolution photo enhancement

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Wed Sep 8 20:44:12 UTC 2021

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>> This is really remarkable!  It should be a big help to improve low 
> quality photos of criminals caught in the act.

>...Sounds like a terrible idea, especially that last bit.

>...This is what's known as making stuff up, based on a few vague clues. How
often, I wonder, would a small blocky pixellated photo of a criminal caught
in the act would, after being 'enhanced', turn out to look like you? Or me.
Or anyone else who didn't commit the crime.

>...I hope this AI system is capable of saying 'Nope, dunno what this is,
not enough information available'. Otherwise it's no better than a kid
seeing ponies in the clouds.



Ben the technique may have some value if we know beforehand that the perp is
either OJ Simpson, Ricky Ricardo or Mae West.  As you and others point out,
it cannot create information, but it can possibly be of some use under some

Good chance it is being oversold, but that's the modern way.


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