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>...Ben the technique may have some value if we know beforehand that the
perp is
either OJ Simpson, Ricky Ricardo or Mae West.  As you and others point out,
it cannot create information, but it can possibly be of some use under some

>...Good chance it is being oversold, but that's the modern way.


Do let me expand just a bit.  Suppose a crime comes down, something
sufficiently serious in our times that resources would be expended to
apprehend the perp, such as murder 1 or cultural appropriation.

All we have are grainy video images.  The software would take images of all
the locals out on parole for murder 1 and the yahoo seen wearing a sombrero
to the neighborhood Cinco de Mayo party, the software narrows it down from a
few thousand usual suspects to half a dozen most likely, they call them in,
parole officer asks a few questions about where she was on such and such a
day and time and who saw her there.

Lotta times she knows she's busted, doesn't even bother trying some breezy
story, peacefully hands over the sombrero.


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