[ExI] Running up against energy limits

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Sun Sep 12 02:49:37 UTC 2021

My understanding is that Afghanistan has several trillion dollars worth of
rare minerals, the sort needed for making electronics. And so I had assumed
that was the real reason for the U.S. military occupying the country, was
to ensure access to it. But the U.S. military completely withdrew, and now
China is about to move in to "help" the Taliban and also, of course, mine
those rare minerals. I am just stunned by the lack of American strategic
thinking, and how a mentally deficient president can do so much damage to
American foreign policy.


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>> There is a very long article just out that claims that the Afghanistan
>> disaster was fundamentally about the USA hitting resource limits.
> I've been watching the Netflix docuseries Turning Point. We had
> Afghanistan under control until we decided to focus on Iraq.
> Our primary bottleneck is competent leadership. The last thing we need to
> do is give them more capabilities by addressing resource limits.
> The whole idea of a war on terror is ridiculous and was doomed from the
> start.
> -Dave
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