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> Everything We Know About The Matrix Resurrections From the Teaser Trailers
> - IGN
> After what feels like an eternity, we have finally received our first look
> at The Matrix Resurrections
> <https://www.ign.com/movies/the-matrix-resurrections> via a bunch of
> cryptic mini-teasers. However, much like the mystery of The Matrix itself,
> the teasers themselves not only offer more questions than they answer, but
> even the act of watching them all can be a bit difficult.
> Those who visit whatisthematrix.com are greeted with the choice of taking
> a Red Pill or Blue Pill,
> <https://www.ign.com/articles/matrix-resurrections-4-poster-website-teaser-videos-red-blue-pill> not
> unlike Neo’s choice from the original film. Once a pill is chosen, one
> possible video of 180,000 is played to offer a tease of the full trailer
> that is dropping on September 9. Each pill has different scenes, and there
> is no surefire way to ensure you’ve seen everything.
> Still, we’ve gathered all the most important scenes from The Matrix
> Resurrection’s teasers that we could find in order to break down their
> significance and try to figure out what they may be letting us know about
> the film, which is set to be released in theaters and on HBO Max on
> December 22, 2021. Read on our scroll through the slideshow below!
> (Update: You can also check out our full Matrix 4 trailer breakdown right
> here
> <https://www.ign.com/articles/matrix-resurrections-trailer-breakdown-neo-trinity-morpheus-rubber-ducky>
> .)
> The Matrix Resurrections Teaser Images
> Red Pill
> If you choose the Red Pill on whatisthematrix.com,
> <https://thechoiceisyours.whatisthematrix.com/> Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s
> voice can be heard over the many possible scenes that might appear. While
> we don’t yet know who Abdul-Mateen is playing, some of these scenes hint
> that he could be a new version of a beloved character.
> “This is the moment,” Abdul-Mateen says. “For you to show us what is real.
> Right now, you believe it’s [the current time when you are watching the
> video], but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Could be this is the
> first day of the rest of your life, but if you want it, you got to fight
> for it.”
> For those who need a refresher, Neo took the Red Pill in the first Matrix
> after Mopheus says, “You take the Red Pill, you stay in Wonderland and I
> show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
> While we do get glimpses of Neo in the Red Pill scenes, Abdul-Mateen II’s
> character has some of the most intriguing moments. One includes him not
> only staring at his reflection in the mirror with a sense of disbelief, but
> it also shows his fingers appearing to pass through that mirror, which is
> similar to another scene in the Blue Pill’s collection.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/29-1631115728677.png>
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/5-1631117677012.png>
> Another, which is one that probably raises the most questions, sees him
> being built/rebuilt by some machine. This, and many more in both the Red
> Pill and Blue Pill scenes, may lend weight to the theory that Abdul-Mateen
> II is actually playing a new version of Morpheus.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/7-1631115751434.png>
> Laurence Fishburne doesn’t appear to be returning to his role as Morpheus,
> <https://www.ign.com/articles/the-matrix-4-laurence-fishburne-morpheus-wont-be-back> but
> The Matrix Online may be the key to not only why this is, but also to why
> Abdul-Mateen II may be playing a reborn version of the character.
> The Matrix Online was an MMORPG that ran from 2005-2009 and was actually a
> canon continuation of The Matrix story following The Matrix Revolutions.
> One of the biggest story moments in the MMO was the death of Morpheus. Yes,
> you read that right.
> In Chapter 1.2 of The Matrix Online, Morpheus was demanding the return of
> Neo’s body from the machines and began orchestrating attacks across The
> Matrix to accomplish his goal. During one of these attacks, Morpheus is
> killed by gunshots from a character known as the Assassin, who had bullets
> with a “kill code.”
> Sure, anything could happen and Fishburne could still return, but it's an
> interesting rabbit hole of its own to go down.
> The Red Pill scenes also include a few glimpses of life outside The
> Matrix, and we see a flying ship that’s not totally unlike Morpheus’ ship
> the Nebuchadnezzar from the original films. We also see characters being
> attacked by sentinels.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/28-1631117649962.png>
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/17-1631115785546.png>
> Another scene that may be from outside the Matrix is a glimpse of a
> character’s eye. What’s of note in this image is that the eyelashes appear
> to be mostly gone and could be a look at a character - possibly Neo -
> waking up from the Matrix. In the first movie, Neo wakes up in a pod and
> has no hair, and this could be a similar situation.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/25-1631115809838.png>
> Other scenes include a character getting jacked into the Matrix, glimpses
> of Trinity and Jessica Henwick’s characters, Neo walking towards the
> Simulatte coffee shop that was mentioned in the CinemaCon footage that
> screened recently,
> <https://www.ign.com/articles/the-matrix-4-matrix-resurrections-cinemacon-trailer-reveal-warner-bros> and
> Jonathan Groff’s character having his mouth sealed like Neo’s was in the
> original.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/27-1631115833933.png>Blue Pill
> If you choose the Blue Pill on whatisthematrix.com, you are treated to
> narration by Neil Patrick Harris, a newcomer to the franchise who is set to
> play a therapist (this character was reportedly speaking to Neo in the
> footage at CinemaCon.)
> <https://www.ign.com/articles/the-matrix-4-matrix-resurrections-cinemacon-trailer-reveal-warner-bros>
> “Do you remember how you got here? You’ve lost your capacity to discern
> reality from fiction,” Harris says throughout the teaser(s). “What’s real
> is here and now, [the current time when you are watching the video].
> Anything else is just your mind playing tricks on you. It becomes a problem
> when fantasies endanger us. We don’t want anyone to get hurt, do we?”
> If Neo had taken the Blue Pill in the first film, according to Morpheus,
> “The story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to
> believe.”
> While this could obviously be a misdirect, it could hint that Harris’
> character may be someone who wants to keep The Matrix as it is and keep Neo
> unaware of what is truly going on. In the CinemaCon footage, Neo is said to
> have been taking two Blue Pills a day and, when Neo and Trinity meet at a
> coffee shop, neither of them appear to remember each other.
> We may see this moment in one of the teasers for The Matrix Resurrections
> when Neo and Trinity are together but Trinity pulls her hand away from him.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/11-1631115866836.png>
> Other footage does include Neo and Trinity working together, however, and
> shows the return of Neo’s ability to stop bullets in their tracks.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/12-1631115885417.png>
> Blue Pills also show up in multiple teasers, and one in particular looks
> to have Neo pouring a ton of them down a sink, possibly as he starts to
> remember his past. While we don’t see his face, his iconic trench coat may
> be a giveaway it is him.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/33-1631115900989.png>
> The last Blue Pill scene worth mentioning is the most surprising, and may
> show us a glimpse of old Neo. We see Neo taking these pills - which look to
> be called Ontolofloxin - but the mirror next to him shows an older version
> of him taking the same pills. What could it mean? Only time will tell.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/46-1631115917817.png>
> What we do know is that Ontology, according to Merriam-Webster,
> <https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ontology> is “a branch of
> metaphysics concerned with the nature and relations of being” or “a
> particular theory about the nature of being or the kinds of things that
> have existence.”
> Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jessica Henwick’s characters also show up in the
> Blue Pill teasers, and there are a few hints that further tease the
> possibility that Abdul-Mateen is actually a reborn/new Morpheus. Beyond the
> obvious comparison that is seen when Neo and Abdul-Mateen’s yet-unknown
> character are fighting in a dojo that looks much like a similar scene from
> the original trilogy with Neo and Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus, one of the
> teasers may give us a glimpse of those round glasses Morpheus loved to wear.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/40-1631115946291.png>
> In the image, Abdul-Mateen and Henwick are running down a hallway and
> Abdul-Mateen is wearing sunglasses. The striking thing, however, is that
> behind a pair of standard sunglasses with a flat top appears to be those
> round glasses that Morpheus wore.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/1-1631115976266.png>
> Other possible Blue Pill scenes include a black cat, which in the Fifth
> and Six Matrix signified Deja Vu. There are also glimpses of a character
> with two ports on the back of their head, an arm with a gun passing through
> a mirror, Jonathan Groff’s character smiling, Neo walking through a door of
> light and another with him walking off the edge of a building with others
> looking on, and more.
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/34-1631116044305.png>
> We don’t have long to wait to learn more about The Matrix Resurrections,
> but be sure to let us know in the comments below what your wildest theories
> are about the first Matrix film since 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions --
> including why The Matrix digital rain in the teasers starts off normal in
> that it is falling down, but then starts going up and changing colors. So
> much to discuss!
> <https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/09/08/matrix-digital-rain-1631116059998.png>
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