[ExI] Running up against energy limits

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Sun Sep 12 17:26:27 UTC 2021

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> John you are too kind sir, but it wasn’t my idea.  A group of fellers came up with the notion and signed it into US law in 1791.
> There is that.  But on the other hand… if one is currently in Kabul and the Taliban is coming door to door hunting Americans and their allies, and you are one of them… do you want to be armed to the teeth?  Or helpless as a lamb before the slaughter?
> I’ll taaaaake… guns for 500 please Alex.
> spike
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If you are in Kabul and deciding to rebel against the Taliban,
remember that they are now probably the best armed and equipped
militia in the Middle East, thanks to the training and equipment
provided by the USA.
What? You mean you really thought the USA training Afghan soldiers
meant that they wouldn't fight as Taliban soldiers? Many were already
absconding and joining the Taliban while training was in progress. It
was all a corrupt scam from the beginning, covered up from the US


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