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>>…I loved Spike's idea of how America should have trained all able bodied adults there to be part of a well-armed citizen's militia. The Taliban would be contending with their worst nightmare right now! John


John you are too kind sir, but it wasn’t my idea.  A group of fellers came up with the notion and signed it into US law in 1791.



>….The trouble with this idea is that Afghanistan is like Vietnam in the 60s - the Taliban has all sorts of friends and relatives outside of it, just like South Vietnam had Northern Vietnam sympathizers all over the place.  So you would have, in effect, two militias:  one with and one against the Taliban.   bill w


There is that.  But on the other hand… if one is currently in Kabul and the Taliban is coming door to door hunting Americans and their allies, and you are one of them… do you want to be armed to the teeth?  Or helpless as a lamb before the slaughter?


I’ll taaaaake… guns for 500 please Alex.





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