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> My solution is more direct: make sure the militia is sufficiently armed
> and trained that the Taliban’s death will buy both yours and our militia
> men.
> At some point the safest course is to stand and fight.

That point does not exist in Afghanistan, where any militia is likely to be
(or suddenly become, in the perceived interests of self-preservation) more
Taliban fighters.

Over there, any local carrying a gun is like a grenade: not something to be
near when the explosions happen.

We gave them weapons.  We gave them training.  We forgot to teach them
loyalty, patriotism, or any of the other things we take for granted in our
own armed forces.  We also let them not be paid by their masters (who kept
funneling the money we gave them elsewhere, such as by reporting soldiers
that did not exist and asking for money for them, "paying" the non-existent
soldiers by disappearing money into the masters' bank accounts, then saying
there was no money to pay the rest).
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