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>…… do you want to be armed to the teeth?  Or helpless as a lamb before the slaughter?


>…I’ll taaaaake… guns for 500 please Alex.


>…I'll take getting out alive - with disguises, bribes, whatever it takes.  Shooting at the Taliban only makes me a priority target.  If I have the guns, sell them.  If I have a companion who is determined to go Rambo on them, get him going in a direction that will make for a convenient distraction: he has already chosen to die, but perhaps his death can buy my life.  Adrian



Adrian, fortunately for you, in the USA, we have a militia who believe that perhaps our death will buy yours.


My solution is more direct: make sure the militia is sufficiently armed and trained that the Taliban’s death will buy both yours and our militia men.


At some point the safest course is to stand and fight.






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