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>>…Missing in this discussion is the statistical nature of this algorithm.  A grainy image cannot identify a perp.  A thousand grainy imagines can.


>…Missing in that rebuttal is mention of the police who have no intention of using these tools to discover the truth (not that they are always opposed to it - just, they don't care), but instead to support their preconceived biases and help them convict whoever they want regardless of whether the arrestee really did it. 



Ja, but it isn’t the police who would use the technology.  It would be a network of amateur crimefighters, who would solve the mystery just for fun and perhaps a hope of recovering stolen property or getting a murdering rapist off the streets.  They might suggest the local constabulary talk to this short list of people about where they were and who saw them on such and such a time and date.


Good chance exactly one of the parolees being questioned will break out in a cold sweat, begin stammering and contradicting himself.


If used effectively this technology would not increase false conviction rate, it would decrease it.





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