[ExI] Report: Gen. Milley held top-secret meeting to block Trump’s nuke access; told staff to disobey all but his orders

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>>…When Journalists do this kinda thing, they better have a really tall pile of evidence.

>>…John, which do you believe it will be?"

>…I strongly suspect that due to Trump's well known instability towards the end, and due to Biden being in the White House, that the general will get away with what he did.

John, if this story is true and Milley even utters the word “Trump” at his court martial, he will be found guilty.  There is no legal path where a general can decide the civilian command is crazy and go around it.  Otherwise any general could go around any civilian commander in chief with the same argument.  Then the top general becomes the defacto head of the military.  That isn’t legal.

I suspect the story was planted, but Gen. Milley better hope so.


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