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Autofill is a good tool for dealing with cliches.  When it anticipates and
autofills a cliche for me I change it to something else.  bill w

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> >>From Merriam-Webster -------
> >
> > Even if you despise comprised of and have made it your life's work to
> > expunge it from the writing of others, chances are very good that you
> > never approached the level of dedication exhibited by the Wikipedia
> > editor who, over a period of years, deleted tens of thousands of uses
> > of comprised of from that website (in addition to writing a 5,000 word
> > explanatory article).
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Giraffedata/comprised_of
> I am sometimes tempted to go on similar Wiki-jihad against "the fact
> that", due to the fact that a sentence comprising this phrase can
> usually be made shorter and clearer; "refer to", when it replaces "be"
> or "describe"; and "in terms of", which (outside a hard science context)
> seems to mean the writer can't be bothered in terms of finding a more
> specific preposition in terms of the intended meaning.
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