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> On 2021-9-16 12:00, Dave Sill via extropy-chat wrote:
> > What part of the following is unclear?
> >
> > "The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Collins English Dictionary
> > and the Oxford Dictionaries regard the form /comprised of/ as standard
> > English usage."
> Does that mean that preferring more conservative usages, when they
> preserve useful distinctions, is NOT allowable?

No, nobody said you couldn't have a preference. But publicly "correcting"
people who don't follow your preference is a different, more annoying,
thing than merely having and using a preference.

I know it's futile to seek to change how the masses speak and write; my
> remarks are intended for the minority who aspire to more precision.

OK, then maybe aspire to be nicer about it.

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