[ExI] New Bioscience Company Raises $15 Million to Revive Woolly Mammoth

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Thu Sep 16 16:34:56 UTC 2021

As everyone else has already said “comprised of” is perfectly fine. It’s been used a long time, everyone knows what it means, and it is found in legitimate dictionaries everywhere. 

English has a long tradition of verb+preposition meaning something different than simply the verb. 


Break out
Break in
Break up
Break down

Breaking up with your boyfriend and breaking him are not even nearly the same, and compare that to breaking in or breaking out with him?

So yes, all burgers are “comprised of” something. 

And besides that, why can’t we speak casually on an email list? Do we need to be formal and stuffy? 

SR Ballard

> On Sep 16, 2021, at 4:16 AM, Anton Sherwood via extropy-chat <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:
>>     > The burgers would be comprised of vat grown woolly mammoth meat,
>>    [...]
> Anton:
>>    You lost me at 'comprised of'.
> On 2021-9-16 15:12, John Grigg via extropy-chat wrote:
> > Well, all burger patties are comprised of something!
> You mean "composed".
> «comprise» and «compose» are roughly reciprocals, not synonyms.
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