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This is something I have wondered about since these vaccines first became
available about a year ago.  Now our local mainstream news wonders the same
thing: if someone is in quadrant 3: very afraid of covid but a strong
believer in vaccines, and gets them as often as they can, does it do
long-term suppression of the natural immune system?  Looks to me like it


In California, there is no strict photo ID system, so a person could
theoretically get a lot of these boosters, but if they do that, we have no
way of proving they really took the boosters, so we are again without good
reliable data.  In our times where attention is currency, it is easy enough
to imagine some yahoo claiming to have taken 30 boosters and now they are
sick, so they want to sue somebody.


This is from today's San Jose Mercury News.  I don't subscribe, so all I get
is a headline.




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