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>…People take vaccines like they take antidepressants and diet pills.  They consume them all like candy without stopping even briefly to consider that they generate intense physiological reactions with serious effects on the body.  Sometimes I have no hope that we will get out of this milieu… Will



Ja.  It isn’t clear what you mean with the term “we.”  Plenty of people took only one vaccine, or took the initial double dose last spring, then never again.  Some never took any vaccine.


All antibiotics lose their effectiveness over time as the target organism evolves defenses or around the body’s immunity mechanism.  Antivirals we might suppose would work the same way, for viruses also reproduce and evolve, even though they are not biotic.


OK then, but that really isn’t the question I have had since about spring of 2020: what happens when some quad 3 obsessive compulsive takes dozens or scores of these vaccines?  Does she get suppressed general immunity?  Are there other harmful effects?


Think about this Will: this vaccine was released into the population without the usual clinical trials (which take years and skerjillions of dollars.)  Then proletariat was compelled, coaxed, bribed, cajoled, reassured and threatened into taking it.  Now that’s a hell of a note: it wasn’t proven in either efficacy or risks, but proles were persuaded to take it.


OK then.  Well, there are some natural canaries in this mine: those who voluntarily take huge amounts of the stuff.  We can assume it is kinda like vitamin C, where it doesn’t hurt you if you eat it like candy (and some do (and in large enough doses even that stuff damn well can cause harm (it leads to kidney stones in some people.)))  Over time we have learned that the health benefits of the vaccine was overstated: it really isn’t just a simple one-and-done.  You must keep taking it periodically, perhaps twice a year.  


The natural question to ask then: if the benefits were overstated, were the risks understated?


Next question: do we have any way of finding out?


Next: are there not quad 3 obsessives who voluntarily took a bunch of these, so we can find out what happens in the extreme cases?  What happened to these people?


Considering that the vaccines have been around for over a year now, it is astonishing that we still don’t have the answers to those very basic questions.






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