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>…The natural question to ask then: if the benefits were overstated, were the risks understated?


>…Next question: do we have any way of finding out?


>…Next: are there not quad 3 obsessives who voluntarily took a bunch of these, so we can find out what happens in the extreme cases?  What happened to these people?


>…Considering that the vaccines have been around for over a year now, it is astonishing that we still don’t have the answers to those very basic questions.  spike




Billw posted me this article from today’s CBS news.




Notice not only what the article says but what it doesn’t say.  I am completely amazed at what this article doesn’t say.  There is one implied piece of information: after 90 vaccines in the space of about a year, the man was apparently still moving under his own power.  That isn’t much but it is something.












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