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I think 'about a year' is too much.
Most articles say 'several months'. So the dose is pretty concentrated...

Cool well that data then is even more valuable.  Reasoning: I am not so much worried about long term immune suppression (because we can deal with that) but rather the risk of myocarditis.  Just knowing this guy is taking a dose every coupla days and hasn't (so far) wrecked his heart is good news indeed.  He apparently hasn't gotten blood clots either, another good news.

Another article is here:
>...A 60-year-old man in Germany takes 90 COVID-19 jabs to sell forged passes And it’s not certain how the jabs will affect his health in the long run.
By  Ameya Paleja      Apr 04, 2022

Ja.  Long run isn't my primary concern really.  I am far more concerned about the immediate effects: heart inflammation and blood clots.

>...The impact of taking multiple vaccine shots has not been studied scientifically and remains unknown.

A lot of the problem here is that so much data is generated in the USA where it cannot be accessed.  The American 4th amendment covers all medical records, which has enormous consequences for medical research.  Note that the studies published in the states is nearly always based on data collected overseas, where patients do not necessarily have privacy rights.

>...P.S.  Here in the UK I can read the San Jose Mercury News OK.



Good.  At least the article asks the questions, even if it doesn't have the answers.  These are questions that should have been asked a year ago.  There would have been yahoos getting jabbed every other day back last April too.


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