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Think about this Will: this vaccine was released into the population without the usual clinical trials (which take years and skerjillions of dollars.)


### Well, the usual clinical trials are superfluous. They are bureaucratic ass-covering for the FDA. Fact is, the vaccines passed the efficacy and safety tests with very good results…



Cool thanks for that clarification Doc.



>…OTOH it is of course stupid to take multiple doses of vaccines… Rafal



Depends on how you look at it.  Suppose a large segment of the population is convinced these vaccines are evil (contain microchips for mind-controlling the proles to vote for the communist party (or whatever the latest conspiracy theory is holding, doesn’t matter)) and some goof reasons that if she gets a pile of these vaccines, say… 90 in six months, and demonstrates it clearly doesn’t do what the conspiracy theorists predicted, and she is alive and well afterwards, then the proletariat masses would feel reassured, get the vaccine, lives are saved because of her actions, even if they appear self-destructive.


Before dismissing that notion… hey, it worked on me.  Just reading about some fool in Germany taking 90 of these things reassured me.  I don’t recommend doing it, but if I met that guy I would shake his hand and tell him regardless of his motive, I will assume it was an intentional self-sacrifice to encourage quadrant 2ers to get the vaccine (now don’t burst my pretty bubble on that, Klaus.)  In my heart, I know he was probably doing it just for the Deutsch marks, but I like to always assume the best about… well… even silly fools who do things like take 90 jabs not knowing if it will kill them, as did the noble Dr. Bones McCoy in Miri, episode 8 season 1, 27 October 1966 oh I am such a geek.


Rafal you are a doctor.  You kept coming to the hospital day after day, before there was a vaccine, when you knew damn well you were risking your own butt and all those years of medical school.  I am filled with sincere admiration for people who do things like that.  You and anyone else in that trade who kept coming in, risking their lives to help others under trying circumstances are on my permanent list of people who can do no wrong.  We thank you doctor.  May you live a thousand years and fill the world with your descendants.



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