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There is also the disorder called Pica.
Pica is the eating or craving of things that are not food....

So because some people do eat wallpaper, it is necessary to warn all people against eating wallpaper!



Well I'll be damned.  BillK this is why I keep hanging out here all these 30 years.  I learn such odd and cool things from you lads.  I get to be so hip!  I learn things that just would never be part of my world otherwise.  

For instance...  After the discussion on "acid" it occurred to me that lysergic acid diethylamide could be neutralized with a complement base.  So I went into my home lab, created lysergic alkaline diethylamide.  Mixed the two, the two diethyls found each other, created tetra-ethyl, which we used for years a fuel additive, but without the lead it just became... butane.  Bubbled away.  The amides became amino acids, found each other and began evolving into some freaky life form and the rest of it formed Lysol, the stuff you use to mop the kitchen floor.  All harmless ingredients.

Hey cool!  So I repeated the placebo experiment from before but with the real stuff.  Again Sergeant Hartman showed up, I ate the lysergic alkaline diethylamide, poof, they were all gone leaving nothing but a lemon-scented burp.  I am such a hipster.


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