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### I agree, your death risk actually goes way up when isolated at home, compared to normal activity, due to various factors (social deprivation, diminished sun exposure, lack of exercise, diminished access to medical care), unless there is an actual dangerous epidemic (e.g. smallpox) going on…


Thanks for that Rafal.  I agree to such an extent I must take special care to avoid confirmation bias.



>…Covid, even the alpha variant, is much less dangerous than isolation, except for the very sick unvaccinated elderly, which is why the lockdowns were such an evil, immoral and stupid thing…


Again I agree.  I was an alpha catcher, hospital, very sick, about 8 weeks to full recovery in that case but certainly survivable.  I am not elderly (at least from my point of view.)  From my point of view, anyone who is older than I am is elderly.  Anyone who is younger than I am is crazy.  The rest of us are somewhere in between, neither of the above.


>…BTW, why did they get tested? I think there is no good reason for Covid testing, except in some special situations.  Rafal


Ja, this is a special situation.  My brother works installing safety equipment (ramps and rails for instance) in the homes of the elderly and infirm.  In those special circumstances the rule is simple: when in doubt, check it out.


Rafal, since we are on the topic of covid, there is an image that is burned into my retinas: 




It was a Chinese virologist who was an early catcher and tried to warn the world, but the government shut him down.  I may be reading a lot into this photo, but I see a man who is diagnosing himself on his own deathbed, realizing in horror that even if he manages to survive the virus, he will not survive the commies.



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