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> >…Plus, Wuhan virus being now an endemic disease, almost everybody will
> eventually get infected, so your total death risk attributable to the virus
> that you accumulate over your lifetime is almost constant (some caveats
> apply), regardless of what you do (unless you engage in extreme lifelong
> isolation from the society)….Rafal
> Ja, I have a neighbor who is doing the isolation thing.  I see her thru
> the window but she hasn’t been outdoors (other than her back yard) in over
> two years.  That strategy has its own risks, greater in my opinion than
> covid.  The later variants really do appear to be much kinder and gentler
> however.  My brother’s friend caught recently, said it is like a ordinary
> seasonal flu, except he can’t go back to work until he gets a negative
> covid test.  My brother, who was with him, is testing positive completely
> without symptoms but he can’t go back to work either until he tests clean.

### I agree, your death risk actually goes way up when isolated at home,
compared to normal activity, due to various factors (social deprivation,
diminished sun exposure, lack of exercise, diminished access to medical
care), unless there is an actual dangerous epidemic (e.g. smallpox) going
on. Covid, even the alpha variant, is much less dangerous than isolation,
except for the very sick unvaccinated elderly, which is why the lockdowns
were such an evil, immoral and stupid thing.

BTW, why did they get tested? I think there is no good reason for Covid
testing, except in some special situations.

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