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Rafal you are a doctor.  You kept coming to the hospital day after day, before there was a vaccine, when you knew damn well you were risking your own butt 


### Risking? Nah, you are giving me too much credit. The risk was tiny and I knew it so of course I went to work, 359 days in 2020…


You believed your risk was tiny, but “knew” is a strong word sir.  I was an early catcher and I was damn sick for weeks even though I was in good physical condition at the time.  Doctors go into war zones to patch up soldiers, so I guess going to work during a pandemic is equivalent to that.


>… Now the risk for a person like me is even lower, not worth mentioning…


Person like you?  I know you are young and healthy, but we didn’t know for sure at the time, or I sure didn’t, that this virus hits the elderly and flabby the hardest.  It was a persistent rumor only.  The two people I know personally who perished (step mother and a family friend) were both way up in their 80s with a long list of other conditions.  It was easy for me to believe that if they caught what I had (I hadn’t seen either of them so it wasn’t from me) neither would survived.


>…Plus, Wuhan virus being now an endemic disease, almost everybody will eventually get infected, so your total death risk attributable to the virus that you accumulate over your lifetime is almost constant (some caveats apply), regardless of what you do (unless you engage in extreme lifelong isolation from the society)….Rafal


Ja, I have a neighbor who is doing the isolation thing.  I see her thru the window but she hasn’t been outdoors (other than her back yard) in over two years.  That strategy has its own risks, greater in my opinion than covid.  The later variants really do appear to be much kinder and gentler however.  My brother’s friend caught recently, said it is like a ordinary seasonal flu, except he can’t go back to work until he gets a negative covid test.  My brother, who was with him, is testing positive completely without symptoms but he can’t go back to work either until he tests clean.



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