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> I don't understand.  Surely they know....... but denial is stronger than
> knowledge?

There is knowing, and then there is being able to act on it.

When one is hungry to those levels, there is no "will yourself to not eat"
or "just don't eat so much".  Those mental states are simply not available
in those moments, period.

It is hard to imagine if one has not personally been there.  This is the
mental disconnect that you face here.  It is not denial.  If you think of
it as a form of mind control being done by some entity other than the
person (though still technically within the person), you won't be too far
off.  Note that the thing doing the controlling is not sentient and does
not have access to the controlled person's knowledge - and thus, can be
tricked.  That's how to defeat it.

For instance, there is "fill up on healthier foods"...for those people who
know what healthier foods are, have access to them, and can afford them.
That is how I got my weight down, after decades of being overweight while
being bombarded with advice and methods that didn't work.

I hear there may also be methods of eating that result in feeling full -
and thereby turning off the overriding compulsion to eat - without having
consumed as much.  I've not yet found any that worked for me (other than
filling up with water, but that only works temporarily, and has its own
problems if done to excess).
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