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>…For instance, there is "fill up on healthier foods"...for those people who know what healthier foods are, have access to them, and can afford them.  That is how I got my weight down, after decades of being overweight while being bombarded with advice and methods that didn't work…



Good for you Adrian.  Your cheering section back here is going wild.  Without the pom poms and poodle skirts (oh mercy) but cheering just the same.


If I need to know what it feel like to fight appetite, you are the guy I will ask and accept whatever you tell me, and believe it.


There is another piece of information I should have included with that previous Thanksgiving post.  My grandmother was a most excellent cook, oh my.  Our family is from West Virginia, so of course she did West Virginia style cooking.  Bacon was fried every day, but not just that, it was fried until it was as brittle as a crystal goblet.  She started with the fattest fatback.  All the grease was saved, poured off into a jar, and used later that day, not a drop was wasted ever.  She fried the eggs in it, and fried the bread in it too (that was how they made toast before everybody had the sissy-prissy “toasters” and the sissy-prissy “electric power.”  She had a toaster and electricity, but in her later years reverted to frying the bread in bacon grease.


I gotta hand it to her, the food tasted good, and you didn’t even need to bother eating the stuff.  You could put it in the blender on frappe, take a horse syringe and inject the damn stuff directly into your arteries, accomplish approximately the same end effect.  Bacon grease was added to the mashed potatoes, straight fatback was added to the beans, bacon in everything.


For reasons I have a hard time explaining, neither of my grandparents on that side were particularly overweight.  My grandfather died in a traffic accident on the way home from work at age 74.  My grandmother lived to be 87, with 85 of those years subsisting on about half of her calories from bacon grease.  Shows to go ya: diet rules really do vary from one person to the next.  My grandparents managed on the bacon grease diet, but their son didn’t.  None of their three children did well on it.  I didn’t have enough of it to make a good test.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and 4th of July feasts at their house was all I was able to enjoy usually.  All of it was very very good.



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