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>…Yes, food addiction is a crisis right now and yet people have decided to enable it with "healthy at any size" movements.   I didn't see any "healthy at any dose of dope" movements around when I was a junkie...



Will, with that comment, I see you never lost your sensa huma.  Good for you.  


Regarding that research I did after the previous discussion, I saw there is continued interest in microdosing.  Well OK then, I have an idea.


>From what I saw, there is a sugar cube involved somewhere: a drop of this substance is put on a sugar cube, the tripster devours the cube and off he goes to visit the colorful rooms and, etc.  


The microdosing experiment works like this.  A drop of the test substance on each of two sugar cubes.  You devour the one, I verify you are having a good time out there wherever you went.  A rule of thumb holds that there are about 20 drops per milliliter, so about 50 ml is about a thousand drops and 50 liters is about a million drops.  Micro means millionth.  The sugar cube contains one drop.  So… you devour one of the cubes, I fill a bathtub with about 50 liters of water, drop the other sugar cube in there, stir, wait a few minutes, take one drop of solution from the tub, drop that on a sugar cube, devour.  I have a microdose, in an experiment that even I would consider sufficiently safe.  I have serious doubts about whether a microdose would actually do anything more than the placebo, but hey, it’s safe and besides that, I can wax really creative when I want to.  It is simultaneously a talent and a character flaw.


None of this has anything to do with depression or addiction in my case, for I have been mercifully spared from both those maladies (depending on how I count my hopeless coffee addiction (which is complicated by the fact that it isn’t the usual suspect, caffeine which has me writhing helplessly in its gripping talons (for I can devour decaffeinated coffee and still get satisfaction (and do go thru a can once in a while just to remind myself that I can (I still prefer the real thing.)))))  


I do love my coffee, hot and black, nothing in it, just the pure rich substance which permeates the senses, awakens the enthusiasm for life, in a kind of a psychological bond of some sort.  Coffee just tastes like morning to me, it smells like victory. 







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