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Thu Apr 7 02:08:11 UTC 2022

William--I assume you have access to a computer unless you dictate all your
emails, so it should be easy enough for you to go to PubMed or Google
Scholar and do some cursory research on the neurobiology of addiction.

Honestly no offense but this isn't really a conversation that needs to be
had; the science is there.  It's like if you made a post asking how
airplanes fly.   We don't know how addiction works fully but we have simple
answers and yours is a simple question.

It's strange to me that we are even having this conversation on an email
list that purports to be science-focused.

To catch you up on some other stuff, spontaneous generation turned out to
be wrong, microbes are real and cause disease (not miasma), and leeches are
far less effective than you may have been led to believe. ;)

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> Henry, in what way is addiction an inability?  How do you measure that?
> All you can say is that they haven't done it, not that they can't.
> Involuntary elbow moving cigarette to mouth?  Huh?  No way.
> bill w
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