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> When someone believes they are taking a medication but it is really an
> inert pill we know it is called a placebo, and notable benefits (or harm)
> is placebo effect.
> The opposite would be if someone is given a genuine medication without
> their knowledge.  Does that have a name?  Sure I know it is unethical as a
> medical practice, but I am imagining this happening in families where the
> perpetrator is not a doctor.  I am also thinking about if a doctor tells
> the patient only part of the story on a medication.
Not quite what you asked for, but there is the concept of the nocebo, or
negative placebo effect:


With antipsychotics, we sometimes see patients who don’t believe they are
unwell, don’t want to take the drug, believe it is at best inert and at
worst harmful. They improve despite these beliefs if they take it. They
then don’t acknowledge that the improvement has anything to do with the
drug, even if they relapse when they stop it and improve again when they
restart it multiple times. It can be quite frustrating for family members
and members of the treating team.

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