[ExI] Discovered - the farthest galaxy at 13.5 billion light-years away

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Sat Apr 9 10:11:53 UTC 2022

Scientists have discovered the farthest galaxy at 13.5 billion light-years away
It may be home to “Population III” stars.
By  Christopher McFadden     Apr 07, 2022


An international team of scientists has just spotted the most distant
galaxy to date. Called HD1, the galaxy candidate is about 13.5 billion
light-years away and formed just a few hundred million years after the
Big Bang.

This is interesting in and of itself, but it gets better; it may be
home to "Population III" stars. These are postulated to be the first
kind of stars ever born which have never been observed, until possibly
“The very first population of stars that formed in the universe were
more massive, more luminous, and hotter than modern stars,” Pacucci
says. “If we assume the stars produced in HD1 are these first, or
Population III, stars, then its properties could be explained more
easily. In fact, Population III stars are capable of producing more UV
light than normal stars, which could clarify the extreme ultraviolet
luminosity of HD1.”

Further data will also need to be obtained using the James Webb Space
Telescope, the research team to verify its distance from Earth. But,
if current calculations prove correct, HD1 will be the most distant,
and oldest, galaxy ever recorded.


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