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Adrian, to get a bit technical about your idea, the problem is one of
inhibition.  The lateral hypothalamus starts the eating process and the
ventral stops it.  I very much doubt if overeating is brain damage to the
ventral hypothalamus though this is possible (very unlikely, as deep as it
is in the brain and as common as over eating is - I think the inhibition is
just overridden).  In fact you could look at all addictions as problems of
lacking inhibition.  Or overriding it.  Bill w

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>> I am still waiting for those voluntary behaviors you say are lost.  bill w
> Depends on the addiction.  In the case of overeating, "not eating" is a
> behavior that you might call voluntary but is no longer an option when
> hungry.
> Note that "eating" is far more complex than simply "move hand bearing food
> to mouth".  It also involves obtaining food, possibly cooking food, and so
> on.  So, trying to think of it as a simplistic single action that is
> performed without conscious intent, will confuse and mislead you because it
> isn't that.
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