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> ### If biohazard-suited enforcers with machine guns break down your door
> at night and drag you away to indefinite detention and questioning, it
> might be because you read this thread.

For better or for worse, they know I'm on their side.  I'm registered on
their lists, have taken DoD R&D grant money (for rockets rather than
biotechnology, but still), and so on.

Just so you know my perspective on this.

With that perspective, I say: they are perpetually too busy to enforce down
to that level, and will be for at least decades.  It might not be
comfortable relying on resource shortages to save your hide, but
Congressional (and equivalent in other countries) penny pinching is the
most reliable of several factors preventing the above scenario from coming
to pass.

I say "reliable" as in, whatever you fear, you can trust that there will
remain those in government with authority over the budget who don't want to
spend money on anything, instead pressing to lower taxes, at least on their
favored donors.  They may not have absolute authority but they keep
spending far short of the level that would be needed for the above.

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