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> It should be noted that our main protection, so far, is that those who
> have acquired the knowledge of how to do this (in more detail than your
> list), also know that killing the world is not an effective way to achieve
> whatever ends they desire.

### Yes, indeed, since making deadly viruses still takes a lot of work,
knowledge and money, the kind of people who can make the viruses (i.e.
well-organized and well-funded) tend to be also uninterested in just
killing themselves and everybody else. But this may not be true in the
future, when viruses could be created with trivial effort by a lone
individual, which includes deranged and suicidal individuals, as in the
scenario I outlined.

> 5. Inhale, drink, inject the pooled viruses on Sunday evening.
> Or drop them in public water supplies, such as reservoirs with roads that
> any member of the public can drive along and park on, taking in the view
> without looking suspicious - long enough to toss something in, unobserved.

### Traveling the world while exhaling a thousand deadly viruses should
work better. If you release the viruses in one city only, there is a chance
that the bio-defence agencies might deploy thermonuclear weapons early
enough to prevent spread.

> How can you be sure that some step of the software didn't secretly
> nanny-blab to the authorities on what you did, to let them come up with a
> cure shortly after you're dead?

### Yes, complete and worldwide surveillance of all assets capable of
generating viruses might be our only way of delaying this catastrophe.

I will be starting another thread about how we could actually defend
ourselves against it in the post-singularity future.

>> These steps are so obvious I don't think I am doing anything dangerous by
>> outlining them.
> I would rather say that these steps can be figured out by those capable of
> implementing them.  They are decidedly not obvious to many who can't -
> including, I dare say, most relevant government regulators and law
> enforcement, who might find these emails and ask questions.  They will
> forcefully disagree with "obvious", but are less likely to disagree with
> "can be easily figured out independently by those who could carry these
> steps out".

### If biohazard-suited enforcers with machine guns break down your door at
night and drag you away to indefinite detention and questioning, it might
be because you read this thread.

Readers beware!

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