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> An easy to use molecular-scale predictive model of human cells would be an
> immensely powerful tool for biomedical research and engineering. The kind
> of work that today takes a small army of postdocs toiling for years in a
> well-equipped lab and spending millions of dollars could be doable by a
> grad student in a weekend.
> If that grad student had a grudge against the world and a death wish

It should be noted that our main protection, so far, is that those who have
acquired the knowledge of how to do this (in more detail than your list),
also know that killing the world is not an effective way to achieve
whatever ends they desire.

I emphasize: "so far".

5. Inhale, drink, inject the pooled viruses on Sunday evening.

Or drop them in public water supplies, such as reservoirs with roads that
any member of the public can drive along and park on, taking in the view
without looking suspicious - long enough to toss something in, unobserved.

9. Keep repeating steps 7 and 8 until you drop dead, in the secure
> knowledge you killed everybody.

How can you be sure that some step of the software didn't secretly
nanny-blab to the authorities on what you did, to let them come up with a
cure shortly after you're dead?

> These steps are so obvious I don't think I am doing anything dangerous by
> outlining them.

I would rather say that these steps can be figured out by those capable of
implementing them.  They are decidedly not obvious to many who can't -
including, I dare say, most relevant government regulators and law
enforcement, who might find these emails and ask questions.  They will
forcefully disagree with "obvious", but are less likely to disagree with
"can be easily figured out independently by those who could carry these
steps out".
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