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> Dave, that's not bad.  It does contain words that could be turned into
> experimental manipulations.  But it still lacks the measurement function.
> What is short term?  Long term?  How will we define gratification?  All
> problems of measurement.   bill w

What are words? How does meaning happen? Until you prove to me that you
exist,  I'll discount everything you say as deranged ramblings of a hostile

Nah, just kidding.  But it has come across to me that you've dug in your
heels to be right - and no amount of links, articles,  definitions,  etc
are going to change your stance.

At some level of "yeah but..." there is a 'symbol grounding' issue over
words and i fear that turns into a morass similar to the redness of red

...or have I misunderstood your intent ?

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