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> Despite all the hype, what they actually create is fairly easy to distinguish from an actual person.  There is usually no capability to learn new information - not even the name of whoever they are speaking with.  When there is, it is rarely retained more than briefly.
> Also, most of the data they would need to make better models, they don't know to collect - and thus it gets lost.  In particular, any data outside the context in which the data was recorded.  Just within the past 24 hours, I was talking about a critical life experience in someone's life that happened more than half that person's lifetime ago - and because it was so long ago, it was never mentioned in modern times (because it never came up, so the person never thought to mention it), and then lost with the person, having to be reconstructed from other, subsequently-discovered accounts once it became relevant.
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Oh, yes, indeed there is a lot of hype!   :)
But the Metaverse is at the Model T Ford stage at present.  Give it a
few years of exponential development and watch the hype become real.
And a few years after that we'll all be living in the Metaverse.
Hopefully not as minions of Zuckerberg.  :)



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