[ExI] Aliens may be 'human-like'

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 00:20:44 UTC 2022

“Humans” May Be All Over the Universe, Scientists Say

Let’s pretend for a moment that in the future humanity are able to
travel to other planets and discover… even more humans.
Published Apr 2, 2022   By Katie Hutton


The BBC’s Science Focus magazine recently published an interview with
Simon Conway Morris, an evolutionary palaeobiologist at the
university’s Department of Earth Sciences, in which he stated that
researchers can “say with reasonable confidence” that human-like
evolution has occurred in other parts of the universe.

The idea of convergent evolution, which, according to Science Focus,
asserts that “random effects gradually average out such that evolution
converges, tending to generate similar creatures in any given
environment,” lies at the heart of Morris’ thinking. Flying, for
instance, was used by the magazine as an illustration of how flying
“had evolved independently on Earth at least four times — in birds,
bats, insects, and pterosaurs.”

In summary, convergent evolution theory asserts that evolution is a
natural law that operates similarly on all planets. In other words,
the blue and green alien humanoids from “Star Trek” may be real.

Well, if aliens are using the same evolution natural law as humans,
let's hope they have got past the 'kill the competition' phase.


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