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Hey cool, idea.  The number of teslas whirring around town has made it
appear to be the dominant brand.  This means that they will be smiting
immovable objects, other Detroits and each other regularly.  Being
considered a high-end car, they likely will not play well with a bent frame,
but more importantly. proles might not want them refurbished after an
accident, fearing that the repair guys missed a strained battery case, which
could lead to a fire. 


If repaired, would you park this in your garage? 




However. the wrecked tesla would still have power modules in it that would
be perfectly safe to use if you removed it from the suspect frame and used
it for something else, such as. for RVs.  I have two golf cart batteries in
my camper for a combined weight of nearly 100kg, owwww.  But I could get the
same power storage with less than 30kg of Lithium cells.  But the cost,
owwww.  So if someone took the storage cells outta the wrecked tesla and
sold them for stuff like RVs, or for hobbyists to create a home-brew power
wall for instance, wouldn't that be cool?



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