[ExI] tesla scavenging

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> However… the wrecked tesla would still have power modules in it that would be perfectly safe to use if you removed it from the suspect frame and used it for something else, such as… for RVs.  I have two golf cart batteries in my camper for a combined weight of nearly 100kg, owwww…  But I could get the same power storage with less than 30kg of Lithium cells.  But the cost, owwww…  So if someone took the storage cells outta the wrecked tesla and sold them for stuff like RVs, or for hobbyists to create a home-brew power wall for instance, wouldn’t that be cool?
> spike
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Tesla claims that it can recycle internally 100% of used Tesla car batteries.
(And warns against tinkering with lithium car batteries unless you
*really* know what you are doing).  :)
There are also businesses starting to dismantle Tesla batteries (not
an easy task!) and repurposing them for sale, with all the additional
electronics that are needed.
Try some searching, like, 'repurposing tesla batteries'.


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