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>>…Billw how does a transfusion have anything to do with eating habits please?


>…  What the blood stuff is they don't know. Probably some hormone from the hypothalamus, which controls eating, as previously posted…


OK guys with the weight control efforts, 200 bucks a pint, guaranteed no dope, no nothing the local minister would disapprove of, such a deal I make you, such a deal!



>…They are doing fecal 'transplants' with people for the purpose of curing bowel problems and that works, so if you can't sell your blood, maybe you can keep some hope for selling your shit.   Billw


Billw, if that is an option, I would really really rather do it that way.  I would offer a deep discount on that stuff.  The notion brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “I’ll make a buttload.”  The challenge of course would be what to say at a cocktail party when someone asks what I do for a living.





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