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OK so Musk buys Twitter.  I don't know if it is true, but it is reported
that many Twitter employees walked away and the others are trying to


This is remarkable on both counts, the second one first.  Unionize a bunch
of computer science majors.  OK then.  Many of us who have ever worked with
anyone who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in anything hard to get,
anything which required the calculus series up thru and including
differential equations, please: can you even imagine them forming a
successful union?  The egos included in that group, heh, imagine plenty of
them saying something like: Sure I will join your lame-o union, as long as
you make me president for life with unlimited powers (etc.)  Those kind of
people just don't unionize well.


First part: employees walked away.  They just won't have Mr. Musk owning
that company, after what he plainly said (and he is the kind of guy who says
what he means, then does what he says.)  He said he would do two things:
make the filtering algorithm public and ramp up efforts to stop bots.


OK then, second part (of the first part) first: did they walk away because
Elon wants them to amp up the anti-bot-otics?  I think not.  So. (first part
of the first part). did they walk away because they didn't like Elon making
the filters public?


Think about that a minute please.  Did they object to their filters. being.


My ExI friends, I think that was it.  The walk-aways didn't want that
public.  They can't really form a union to pressure the company, because
STEM guys just don't swing that way, the whole union thing is far too
hard-hat-and-lunch-pail for their level of sophistication, and I can't
imagine why they (or anyone) would object to better and more robust
anti-bot-otics, so. I can't think of anything else. they didn't want their
filters to be public.


Implications please?  Thoughts?  



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