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>.A filtering algorithm is equivalent to the rules for membership.  Are
there any other examples of an organization or club or game or entity or
association where the rules of engagement are intentionally held as company
proprietary or kept secret.   spike



I stay right on this, because. from my limited perspective, what this looks
like is the Twitter software guys and management were handed enormous power,
enough to intoxicate even the most upright among us (that would be me
(kidding, bygones (sheesh, sensa huma.)))  


Power corrupts.  They had power there which is the envy of the world: a huge
popular publisher granted the legal protections of a platform, and they
could do whatever they wanted, in secret.  That is a perfect example of
power without accountability.


Now. Musk is not even suggesting he will take away their power, but he is
bringing transparency, which is accountability.  


Can anyone find a way to argue this is a bad thing please?  Do elaborate.





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