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>>…  Musk just paid tens of billions of dollars… with a stated goal of limiting his own power.


>>…Has anything like this ever happened in history?  When?


>…One could make comparisons to certain of George Washington's actions in the first several years of the United States of America… Adrian 




Thanks Adrian, I was hoping someone would say that.  I am a huuuuge Washington fan.


If you look carefully at the circumstances of Washington’s time in office, it becomes a little clearer.  He was still magnanimous as all get out and could perhaps have abused power.  But the system was robustly designed to limit that power, which meant he was unable to get congress to pay the army which suffered so severely to give congress the power to not pay them.  There was not one damn thing he could do.  The constitution was the boss.  It outranks everybody.


Elon Musk didn’t hafta make that algorithm public, but I think it is the right thing to do.  It gives me hope for humanity to see a guy do this voluntarily.  I hope Elon Musk lives forever.



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