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>…Or is Twitter actually a profitable production with a short-term ROI?  Where does a $45b valuation come from?


Hard to say Mike, but what we had there is a defacto public square with skerjillions of followers, with the power of a publisher and the legal protections of a platform.  45 billion is a laughably small sum to call equivalent to that.


If you agree with that theory or assessment of the value of Twitter, then what Musk just did is voluntarily accept accountability for all that power.  If unaccountable power is worth what I think it is, then Musk just destroyed unknown hundreds of billions of dollars of “value.”  Good for him.


Sheesh how often does a libertarian win anything?  It happened today.



>…Can someone explain how money even works at this level,  either generally or in this specific instance?


Nope.  Sure can’t Mike.  I have no idea how money works in those orders of magnitude.  But I know what this looks like.  Please, what does it look like to you?





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