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One could make comparisons to certain of George Washington's actions in the first several years of the United States of America. 



### Musk to lead us to storm the bulwarks of our enemies who took the sacred freedoms of the Americans away? …Rafal



Rafal, Adrian we have been friends for a bunch of years, so you know me well: I love irony.  The basis for all my favorite humor is irony and paradox.  Love it.


I am reading commentary online.  Most commentators are celebrating Musk’s acquisition, but some are warning about how evil it is.  No matter how they spin it, anything negative they say about Musk opening up the censorship algorithms to the disinfecting rays of sunshine… any bad connotation, anything negative at all… comes across as so unintentionally funny, I scarcely remember having so much fun in one day.



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