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  I hope Elon Musk lives forever.



### In a recent interview he said he is against extreme longevity because it could result in an ossification of the society due to old ideas not dying, and would welcome his own death as a "relief". Rafal



Relief to him, but grief to us.  


I have an idea however.  We can punish Elon for his deathist attitude!  We create the technology for an AI which thinks it is Musk, with all his knowledge and attitudes.  Then we explain to it (him?):  You are just like the meat Musk except… yoooouuu caaaan’t diiiiiieeee!  You can’t die!  You don’t have that power!  Muwaaahaaaaahahahahahahahahaaaaa (best evil laugh.)


Oh wait, retract, that starts to sound too much like the traditional hell where a prole can’t die.  Never mind, damn, let him die, sheesh, have some mercy.


Elon is young.  To young healthy people, death is a far-away concept even if they talk about it.  People coming face to face with death want to live.


And think of it this way: suppose Musk gets a call from his medic: “Sorry to tell ya Elon, you have schperniferous grogstaconitis, nothing we can do, we can scarcely even spell it, you have until about the middle of next week then adios amigo.”  


After doing something so outrageously insanely cool as buying Twitter to destroy its destructively unlimited destructive power, he wouldn’t have time to see how it all plays out.  He wouldn’t have the chance to witness the destruction of destruction.  Do let me assure you, he would want to live to see that.  We all do.  


Young people among us, take my word for it: life is a gift.  Live it that way.  Live every day like it is the priceless gift it really is.  






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