[ExI] I salute Elon Musk, Captain of Spaceship Earth!

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Tesla. SpaceX. Neuralink. Now free speech (or at least fair nonpartisan
treatment of hate speech) on Twitter. Elon deserves all his money and more.
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Thanks for that Giulio.  

Here is a challenge to all who have a public speech platform: you don't need
to be non-partisan, you don't even need to be fair.  Just be transparent.
Let everyone see how you roll.  Be open.  It's what we always did here on
this forum: transparency.  Keeping a filtering algorithm secret is
unaccountable power, which always leads to corruption.  So... wield the
power, accept the accountability that goes with it, be transparent.

Way to Elon.  I still won't buy your cars, but I will cheer for those who
do: it is solving some problems.

Speaking of SpaceX, something that hasn't been discussed here but is
relevant to our interests: that whole notion of fly-back first stages
landing on their feet has a feature of great importance: it scales up.


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