[ExI] I salute Elon Musk, Captain of Spaceship Earth!

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>...Heh, thanks BillK, a fun self-own from Mr. Breton....  And if there are specific people who are blocked and those blocks are cancelled, does that put them in violation of Europe's speech rules?   spike

Do pardon my Buellering you with that previous post, but notice I haven't Buellered you for some time.  This occasion is just so good, I can't help myself.

We have a perfect example here where any (ANY!) argument that 

{what Musk said he wants to do = bad} 

turns into an epic self-own.  I invite anyone here, particularly you more creative writers, to think of a reason why what Musk said he wants to do is a bad thing.  Do try to accomplish this without sounding silly or implicating the writer.  

I figure you know me well enough to know I am a hard-core libertarian, an information-wants-to-be-free and speech-wants-to-be-free type, so you already know that if I attempt the above challenge you will know I don't really mean it.  Rather I am doing it as an exercise, kinda like an attorney who defends a client knowing damn well his own client dunnit.

OK here goes.

We all like free speech, and it isn't that we don't like free speech.  But those who design the blocking algorithms will now just work differently knowing that someone is watching.

Oh wait, never mind that is a self-own too.  OK try this:

We all like freedom and all, but...

Retract.  That phrase just can't be followed by a comma and a but.  It can only be followed by a period and two spaces.

Damn this hard.  I am Buellering myself right now.  I cannot think of a way to spin this in a negative way without self-owning.  Anyone?


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