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>…It's like being in Conway's Game of Life and then SEEING the entire board and thinking "wtf, we're all just squares?!".


That makes it sound like a bad thing.  Besides… whaddya mean “we” Kimosabe?  I am the squarest square there.


>…Of course the squarely SQUARE squares I'm squaring off with here won't care, for them it's neither here nor there...but if they dare to partake in the apparently perilous fare of a 3mmx3mm^2 square of Lysergsäure (which I would share) then maybe they could tear through the error of seeing what seems to be there as something (not squares,) and then be aware that we are but squares acting and acted in a square fable reflected and refracted on a square stage, and albeit strange they would be able and willing to pare that silly error filling their minds, and see through the cracks and the tears, as they reacted then they would in fact find that magic is...[BLACKED OUT, REDACTED] ;)



Will, you hide your talent under a bushel, me lad.  This is good stuff.  Well done indeed.



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